How To Start A Business Offering Bike Rental And Tours San Francisco

By William Adams

With many people resorting to touring the city on bicycles, the demand for this mode of transport has never been greater. This therefore offers a perfect moneymaking opportunity for those willing to try out a unique venture. Here are valuable tips on opening a business specializing in bike rental and tours San Francisco provides.

Do enough research on the bicycle rental industry. The business obviously has tricks that it would be better to have a good mastery of. It can only be possible to get the information you need from someone who has been in the trade for long. This may mean seeking out established businessmen who have good knowledge of what it takes to succeed. Additionally, you may also need someone to mentor you.

Calculate your capital requirements. You will definitely need a substantial amount of money to cover your start-up costs. A large portion of your capital will obviously be meant for buying a fleet of high quality tour bikes. However, the amount here will be influenced by the number of units you will need and the brands.

You will need a business plan for your tour business. This is important, especially where you plan to seek financing from a lender. There is no bank in their right state of mind that will advance you credit without asking you for the document. Other sources of capital you may consider include personal savings and loans from family and friends.

Choose a suitable place to locate your business. As it is said, location is everything when it comes to starting a new enterprise. There are many things to take into account before choosing a place to locate your shop. It is important to select a position that guarantees visibility for your company. For instance, you can look for a building that is strategically situated along a busy road, street or highway.

Look for vendors who are selling good tour bikes. Sourcing for a good fleet is bound to take time and thorough research. Searching online also gives you a chance to view various types of bicycles on offer. Additionally, you can seek recommendations from other similar businesses. Do not choose any seller without researching their reputation. Talk to real customers who have worked with a vendor before and check out referrals and recommendations.

Get different estimates. You do not need to compare prices from different bike manufacturer or sellers. This will enable you compare their prices so as to choose what is within your price range. However, when buying stock for your tour business, you need to compare value and not just price. To identify vendors in your city, you can seek referrals from other businesses. You can also search for more options online.

Once you have identified a supplier to buy from, you will also need to get a few staffs to start with. Strive to recruit people who have the required skills and experience. Lastly, you will need to decide on itineraries. Research online and in your local libraries so as to identify interesting destinations. Still, you will have to actively market your new venture through social media, fliers and coupons.

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